Milking a mare needs subtlety and trust. They only give milk when the foal is constantly by her side. After birth the foal gets the mother's colostrum, which contains important nutrition to strengthen the immune system. After the fourth lactation week the nourishment is supplemented with hay or grass so the mares can be brought back to normal milking production.


Unlike cows, horses are not specially bred for milk manufacturing. The milk production is far more delicate and therefore the amount is comparatively low: 1.5 to 2 liters of milk per animal per day. Mare's milk is low in casein, protein and fats, and high in albumin and sugar. Cow’s milk is the exact opposite, which is why contrary to mare’s milk, it is resistant to boiling. Mare's milk separates when heated and can’t be preserved by sterilization or pasteurization. Therefore, it is frozen and processed to powder.


Our mare's milk powder is obtained by the most complex and effective method. The gentle freeze-drying (sublimation) does not tolerate any nutrient loss and is filled without additives into vegetarian cellulose-capsules. Each batch of our mare's milk powder is analyzed by an independent laboratory and receives a certificate of analysis:

  • Pure natural product
  • 100 % vegetarian
  • Quality guaranteed by certificate of analysis
  • Animal welfare
  • No additives