„A friend introduced me to this product, mentioning that her older dog has been running much better since taking the capsules. I myself am suffering from joint pain in knees and hips. Especially climbing stairs is difficult for me. So I bought a glass of these mare’s milk capsules and took one daily before going to sleep. After about ten days my symptoms had actually gone and I can move without any pain. I was very surprised that a natural product really helped.“ Hugo B., Biel BE, SWITZERLAND


Note from manufacturer: Such feedback of course makes me very happy. However, we recommend 3 capsules a day, not because we want to sell more capsules, but because the amount of powder would then be ideal.

„Our 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier has been suffering some time now from a teary eye. I called the company RED HORSE to learn whether the mare's milk could help also in dogs. I’ve already heard that it helps with humans. When she told me that this nutritional supplement could improve the immune system, I was willing to give it a try with and ordered a glass with 100 capsules. I then opened 1 capsule daily and mixed the powder with the fodder. Approximately one week later, the eye was back to normal and did not tear anymore.“ Francine B., Biel BE, SWITZERLAND


Note from manufacturer: An improvement after such a short time is not always the case, which is why the cure should be taken over a longer period.