Looking for a loyal, amiable and all-round horse for young and old, I was drawn to the Highland Pony. Mesmerized by curiosity and fascination of this breed, in September '08 I drove to the highland-pony breed show in Germany. Calmly lead in hand and under saddle, these ponies presented themselves as both diligent and easy to ride. After profound research, I focused on the legendary Brownbread Stud of Dinty Steans and Tony Smith in England. With lots of heart and dedication, Dinty has bred Highland Ponies since 1968, has served as a judge in numerous shows, and has graciously devoted herself to animal rescue, which has saved the lives of many neglected horses and ponies.

Dinty Steans & Tony Smith

Accompanied by Dinty, we crossed the beautiful English countryside to meet the Highland girls. After an intense and interesting conversation, we successfully sealed our deal in typical English fashion: over tea and cake. In June '09 the excitement of waiting for the horses came to an end and we received five healthy Highland Pony mares. The year passed and in the following spring our first foal came into the world …

Stute mit Fohlen

Since then, we’ve brought a stallion from Scotland to our stud.